Music for Moving Pictures

Composing // Engineering // Effects




The process of creating a concept that will act as a blueprint for the musical piece.


The practical realization of the composition. Turning an Idea into a finished product.


The creation of unique artistic moments, on stage and in the studio.



I am music composer, producer and sound designer.

As son of classical guitarist and composer Lorenz Schmidt my musical education began already in an early age. In 2010 I choose to pursue a professional career in music and began studying Composition Music and Studio Production at the Prins Claus Conservatorium Groningen. Since my graduation in 2014 I have been working on various projects. This includes composition and sounddesign for films and commercials but also composition, music production and sound art in a more broader sense.

Being a sound artist in the 21. century means blending different disciplines and techniques for creating a distinct sonic signature. My approach to this is a focus on acoustic sounds that I constantly collect and use in my work. This might be field recordings, acoustic instrumental recordings or experiments with self built electronic devices.

Eventually I use and arrange these sound sources in a digital environment to get the best of the analog acoustic and digital world . As a result you will always hear a profound emotional quality combined with technically clean production in my music.